RelationalSCADA® is a new paradigm for SCADA and Measurement hosts. It uses the Relational Model concepts along with high-level object types and high-level tools to shift from having to program the host system to just configuring the host system. The only SCADA and Measurement Solution that utilizes this Relational Model currently is eFCAS™. The difference is: eFCAS makes the effort of creating information from the data easier than ever before, which can save customers hundreds of thousands or dollars in implementation costs as well as maintenance costs. Call now for a free personal presentation and demo.

eFCAS™ is a SCADA and Measurement solution like none other. It not only uses the Relational SCADA Model, but it combines data collection, real-time analysis and visualization with EFM Management and the ability to correct Flow Computer history based on industry standards. eFCAS connects to over 50 makes and models of flow computers and devices and pulls both real-time and EFM Historical Audit trails. eFCAS is easy to setup and easy to maintain and is in a class of it's own.

eFCASTM Improves Corporate Bottom-line by:

  • Automating EFM Historical and Real-time Data Collection,
  • Automating EFM Data Validation,
  • Automating EFM Production Reports,
  • Automating API 21.1/Directive 17 Compliance,
  • Automating EFM Data-error Detection
  • Automating SCADA Collection of EFM Real-time Data,
  • Automating Enterprise-wide Dissemination of EFM-related Information,
  • Reducing System Integration Costs,
  • Reducing Production Accounting Cycles,
  • Reducing Prior Period Adjustments,
  • Improving EFM Uptimes,
  • Improving Employee Productivity,
  • Improving Life-cycle of Small Quantity Brand/Model EFM Installed Base, and
  • Deploying Industry Leader in ROI for EFM Data Management Systems.

eFCAS Suite of Tools for Managing EFM Data:

  • Gathering - eFCAS Scheduler and eFCAS Communication Drivers,
  • Validation and Editing with the eFCAS Editor,
  • Auditing - eFCAS Secure Database,
  • Gas Composition - eFCAS Manage Composition Utility,
  • Reporting - eFCAS Reports,
  • Easy 3rd Party Integration of Real-time Data with the eFCAS
    OPC Server,
  • Exports to 3rd-party Validation Software with the eFCAS Exporter,
  • Dissemination of EFM data enterprise-wide with the eFCAS Editor.

eFCAS Production Management:

  • Real-time Device and Tag/Point Configuration,
  • Real-time Data History and Historian Functionality,
  • Advanced Real-time Trending,
  • Graphic Configuration and Control,
  • Complex Daily Production Reporting and Allocations,
  • Alarm Summary Screens,
  • Alarm Call-outs.